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  1. Yes, particularly if the puppy isn’t house broken. That baggage compartment will soon be full of holiday presents. Hope Snafu brought his pooper scooper and lots of plastic bags.

    • I don’t think Snafu thought of that. I know I didn’t.

  2. Who could resist that face?!

    • Not even a mean spirited gremlin can resist a puppy

  3. Making yourself disappear may not be the best prank.

    • I don’t think Snafu could possibly pull off a Bermuda Triangle event. It was always going to be childish pranks 🙂

  4. Snafu’s aspirations will have to wait until the by standers aren’t so innocent… 😆

    • If you haven’t noticed yet, Snafu is a lot of talk. Notice how quickly his soft heart floated to the top.

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